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Our mechanical division works on most of the physical structures of the wind turbine.

Some of these projects include the pitch mechanism, drivetrain, brake system, and composite layup projects.
We design the components with the help of SolidWorks and Q-Blade.

Working together, we learn to design, and problem solve with the help of research, previous year’s models and lots trial and error.

Drivetrain - The mechanical system that connects the rotor system to the power generation.

Image Source: Qian, Ma, Zhang,

Current Drivetrain Projects

  • Complete the redesign of gearbox.

  • Complete the redesign of emergency brake system.

  • Design the compact system.

  • Design sustainable manufacturing.

Rotor System - The system that converts wind energy into mechanical energy (torque, etc.). Pitch Mechanism - Operates and controlls the angle of the turbine’s blades.

Our 2019 drivetrain model.This angle of our drivetrain shows the connection for the hub.

Current Rotor System Projects

  • Improve weather resistance of pitch mechanism.

  • Improve sustainaility of manufacturing of pitch mechanism.

  • Lighten design of pitch mechanism.

Frame - The exterior shell of the wind turbine.
Tower - The structure holding up the of the wind turbine.
Nacelle - A container that houses most of the wind turbine components.

A closer look at our 2019 pitch mechanism.From this angle, you can see where the pitch machanism connects with the hub and the turbine blades.

Current Frame and Tower Projects

  • Design a new, lighter display tower.

  • Design a new nacelle that completely encloses internal mechanisms and systems.

  • Improve weather resistance of nacelle.

A rendering of our 2019 turbine model design.

Current Blade Projects

  • Manufacture blades using new process and design

Design of the blade molds.

Preparing the wood for the CNC machine.Freshly cut molds.
Priming the molds.Polishing the molds.

Interested in learning more about how the components of a wind turbine come together to create energy?

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